What I Can Do For You

To get the word out about a new product, you might think all you need is a press release, but that’s really just the start.

Here are the elements of a successful public relations campaign, and how I approach each one:

Press releases, bios, press kits

These materials are the media’s first impression of you. I work hard to craft them to create authentic reflections of you and your business.

Targeted media pitches

When I was a newspaper editor, I was inundated with pitches. Some were really helpful, some way off the mark. As a food editor, why would I need to know about shoes? That experience made me hyper-aware of how important it is to develop a solid pitch and customize the angle to fit the individual needs of each editor, reporter or blogger. It’s so much easier to get the story placed when you give the media something they need.

Media Training

With my TV and print background, I can give you the nuts and bolts of how to present your message clearly on the air. If you need more intense coaching, I often partner with an excellent media trainer.

Media tour planning

For authors touring in conjunction with a book launch, or a business entering a new region, I’ll coordinate local media coverage to promote events in various markets and parlay that press into larger national buzz.